Sunday, June 27, 2010

DonnaBellas Angels Donations to Texas Children's Cancer Center (TXCCC)

DonnaBellas Angels is donating multiple items to the Texas Children's Cancer Center (TXCCC) in Houston. Donations have included the following:

Donation of art prints that were framed and displayed in the respite room.

Donation of art postcards that staff can distribute to patients and caregivers.

Donation of art prints that were given to patients and their caregivers.

Permission to use "Colorful Cancer Angel" painting on a t-shirt. The shirt was sold to fundraise to buy items for the respite room and the "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) Cart.

It is the mission of DonnaBellas Angels to provide inspirational healing art to medical clinics and wellness centers. We used donations ot help cover the cost of producing original art, and art prints so they can be made available at no cost or with a minimal fee to medical clinics.

“We had an 18 month old patient who we had taken care of since he was 4 months old. His health was rapidly declining and many of us started to prepare for the worse. There isn't much that can comfort you in these types of situations. However, the nurses went through artwork that was donated by DonnaBellas Angels and found a piece that we knew would be perfect. It was a painting of an angel holding a baby in the sky over several small houses. We placed the artwork above his head on his crib until the day he passed away. All of us finally found comfort in seeing that in this picture, we could see our little boy being taken to a better place by a sweet angel. Now knowing he was without any pain or suffering. We keep that same picture in our respite room as a constant reminder of him and how much we all miss him. Thank you to the whole DonnaBellas Angels family for providing this comfort to us!”

-Lindsey Zaremba, Pediatric Nurse at Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center
Click here to see a photo gallery of the donated paintings at Texas Children's Cancer Center.
Donations to DonnaBellas Angels help support providing art to places like Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center. We are planning to provide TXCCC with angel pillow cases for children whose family have choosen DNR. The angel pillow will be a comfort to the child as their last pillow with angels and love for them as their last pillow. Families will have the option to take the pillow home after they pass. Please join us in support our mission of providing healing art! Thank You.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

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