Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Poor Health is a Leading Cause of America's Stress

Diabetes My Life My Choice Poem Butterfly Watercolor Art Painting
Diabetes Poem Butterfly Art Painting

NPR did a poll on stress. Poor health was a leading cause of stress. Here are some excerpts:

"The poll asked people to say in their own words what was the biggest cause of their stress over the past year. By far the leading reason was poor health. Either they or someone in their family was really sick, or they were
overwhelmed by the death of a loved one."

"When we looked at people reporting 'a great deal of stress' in the past month – a measure of current stress – 
sickness again stood out. Sixty percent of people in poor health report having high stress levels."

"It's a vicious circle.   Having 
diabetes causes stress. And stress makes the diabetes worse. That, of course, is true of many illnesses."

"And there's another thing that can help – simply acknowledging that stress can 
overwhelm people's ability to cope. "
"Nearly 60 percent of those reporting a lot of stress say they find relief from routinely spending time with family or friends."

DonnaBellas Angels is a non-profit that helps to manage the stress by providing inspirational
art to patients and caregivers coping with a chronic or terminal illness. Our motto is "Medicine Heals the Body, Art Heals the Soul". The art is designed to help bring emotional comfort from the depression and stress that a chronic illness like diabetes or terminal illness like cancer that can cause not only to a patient but their caregiver or other loved ones.

It art to provide hope in living and art to provide 
memory in passing. See the art online at: