Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spirit Prayer Art Sketch

Spirit Prayer Words Sketch for Inspirational Art Painting

Spirit Prayer  

Guardian Angel, Holy Angel
Guiding Spirit, Holy Spirit
Help me know Your Wisdom and Love

Guide my soul to Believe all is Possible in Spirit
Guide my soul so I may Choose better decisions to Let go my Ego’s suffering

Through Spirit I FEEL Your presence to have courage and comfort

Through Spirit I HEAL my wounds and learn to set free my burdens and embrace living

Through Spirit I GUIDE my actions so I may act and speak truly with an open Heart

Through Spirit I SHINE Your Light when I am lost so I seek my path and follow Spirit’s Life Calling
~ By Laurel Latto

New sketch for painting "Spirit Prayer". Life has many ambiguities of meaning like the word in our language itself.  Final art will be rendered in watercolor; however, additional editions may be created in different media.

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