Monday, September 20, 2010

Shewli Ghosh Press on Alcatraz Swim!

Shewli was featured in the Denver press for her swim to Alcatraz in support of cancer patients.

Click here to see the video and story on ABC Channel 7 News at

Click here to listen to her interview on Denver's KYGO when she was featured as "Rider's Denver Heroes":

Here is the DonnaBellas Angels press release text:

Colorado 6th Grader Shewli Ghosh to complete second swim from world-famous Alcatraz Island to the shores of San Francisco, California.

Ms. Ghosh first swam over a mile in the blustery waters of San Francisco Bay a year ago. The personal challenge of completing the notorious Alcatraz swim was coupled with her goal of raising awareness of breast cancer.

On September 18th, 2010, Ms. Ghosh will return to Alcatraz and complete her second swim. Ms. Ghosh will raise funds for therapeutic aids called My Angels to present to cancer patients.
My Angels are palm-sized soft-foam angel figurines that were designed and created by Ms. Ghosh’s mother, Shohini Ghosh. My Angels are blank slates for patients to decorate and keep for support and hope as they cope with chronic, terminal illness. Family and friends are encouraged to add messages of encouragement. The figurine truly becomes a support mechanism for the patient, silently sharing moments of joy, sadness, victory and defeat.
Money raised will be used to create My Angels in soft foam. Medical staff have provided DonnaBellas Angels with feedback that the soft foam will be helpful for patients to squeeze and hold during the numerous blood draws, as well as, physical therapy, e.g. to reduce swelling in the arm following removal of lymph nodes.

My Angels have been donated to hospitals around the United States and have been gifted individually to dozens of patients. My Angels have been very well received and there is an ongoing need for greater production. The American Cancer Society, Inc., Surveillance and Health Policy Research Department estimates that over 1.5 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2010. Ms. Ghosh would like to reach out to each of these people as part of her personal mission to help those undergoing treatment.

Ms. Ghosh is raising money to fund My Angels in a collaboration with DonnaBellas Angels, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of funds received on Ms. Ghosh’s behalf will be used to provide therapeutic My Angels figurines to chronic, terminally ill patients as a symbol of hope, faith and silent support.

About the Swim:
The South End Rowing Club's 15th Annual Alcatraz Invitational Swim on Saturday 8:30 AM, September 18, 2010. This is a 1.25 mile open water swim from Alcatraz Island back to the South End Rowing Clubhouse at the foot of the Hyde St. Pier in San Francisco. For more information visit:

About Shewli Ghosh:
For more information about Ms. Ghosh and the My Angels, please visit: and

About DonnaBellas Angels:
DonnaBellas Angels is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization which provides inspirational healing art to those coping with a chronic or terminal illness. To donate, please visit

You can see more on our webpage about Shewli at:

DonnaBellas Angels link to Press Release Announcement PDF:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Painting Donations for Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC)

DonnaBellas Angels has given 11 paintings to the Cancer Therapy and Research Center (CTRC) in San Antonio, Texas. A complete list is available on the DonnaBellas Angels web page for CTRC.

This picture features "Southwest Cancer Angel" with the text of "What Cancer Cannot Do. See this painting on the DonnaBellas Angels website at:

Staff has provided this feedback to us about the inspirational art:

"I think people can support the cause because the cancer angels provide a way to direct good energy to the patient's soul thus helping them or a family member a way to strengthen their souls to continue the battle."
-Ofelia Romero, Cancer Therapy & Research Center Nurse

"The prints are beautiful! They bring inspiration to the patients and liven up the clinic atmosphere."
- Miranda Villarreal, Cancer Therapy & Research Center Nurse

CTRC has provided DonnaBellas Angels with updated photos. Click here for the Sumer 2010 album of the art in the clinic!

"Beauty in Life Rounded Rainbow" is in the left corner. It is a watercolor painting with the text of "Beauty in Life".

You can see more of this painting on its art web page at

"Feel My Beauty Pink Cancer Angel" painting is in the waiting room above a table with cancer treatment options. It features an angel with the text "Feel My Beauty".

See this painting on the DonnaBellas Angels website at:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Undaunted Me" Cancer Survivor Poem

The "Rainbow Cancer Angel" painting was donated in February 2009 to the Pasco Pinellas Cancer Center (PPCC)in New Port Richey, FL. Johnette Loefgren who was treated at PPCC was inspired to write this poem after seeing the painting and receiving a print from the nursing staff:

Undaunted Me:

I brought my atmosphere of doom

into the crowded waiting room

I hung my head and heaved a sigh

and tried my hardest not to cry.

Then I rose to get a drink

and something made me pause and think

An angel's words rang bright and true

and said what Cancer cannot do

No one told me that before

it opened up another door

to hope and strength and something new

I learned what Cancer cannot do

This in turn stirred up my soul

I'm me inside,untouched and whole

Do your worst ,I'll always be

In life or death,undaunted...ME!

-Johnette Loefgren


See more images and read about the donations to Pasco Pinellas Cancer Center.

See the "Rainbow Cancer Angel" on the DonnaBellas Angels website.