Sunday, December 9, 2012

Autism Angels Puzzle Piece Idea Sketch

Here is an idea sketch for Autism Angels painting. A mother shared this story about her son. The boy explained to his friend "I have a missing puzzle piece in my brain." 

Autism Angels help find the missing puzzle piece art sketch

The caption tag for this art is "I have a missing puzzle piece. Be an Angel and help me find it."  Once painted it will be available for t-shirt team walk shirts and/ or other philanthropy fundraising.  Learn more about DonnaBellas Angels limited royalty art use on the DonnaBellas Angels website.

Thank you for viewing DonnaBellas Angels art!  Donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Update: This painting still has not been created but an Autism Awareness Ribbon Angel is available through Awareness Gallery Art.  (It is affiliated with DonnaBellas Angels through DonnaBellas, but is not part of the non-profit.)  The Royalty Use of the art for non-profit causes will be available through DonnaBellas Angels. If you want to purchase any of the art below, the referral links below will donate 15% to DonnaBellas Angels for any sales at Zazzle.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Ribbon Angel Image Picture
Autism (ASD) Awareness Angel Puzzle Ribbon Art Painting