Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspirational Life Thoughts

We are starting a new series of inspirational quotes and idea paired with DonnaBellas Angels art and photography. These images will eventually appear on our website, www.donnabellasangels.org.

Choose your attitude. It will color your whole world in your perception of people & judgment in life ~DB Angels

"We see the world not as it is, but as we are. ~ Author Unknown"

Art featured above is heart details from Inspirational Word Laugh Painting

"The caterpillar must surrender to the cocoon before it becomes a butterfly. ~ Author Unknown"

Art featured above is White Light Angel.

"It will All be Okay in the End. If it’s not Okay, It’s not the End! ~ Author Unknown"

Art featured is new photography images. Close-up of a nasturtium leaf with raindrops.

A special thank you to Living Your Light website for helping to provide ideas for inspirational quotes.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let Love, Let God Angel Art Painting

New angel art is "Let Love, Let God Angel".

Watercolor painting of a pastel rainbow angel holding a heart with message stating "Let Love, Let God". There is a halo above the angel's head with hearts behind it radiating out in rainbow colors. Soft rainbows form the angel's arms. There is a golden glow for the angel's head, hands, and body.

The image was inspired by the saying "Let Go, Let God" and "God is Love". Letting go for God is then letting go for Love in our lives. The rephrasing is a tribute to each saying. The colors are inspired by when white light passes through a prism & separates to create a full spectrum of individual rainbow colors. We think of ourselves as individuals and that our problems are varied, but we come from the same source. When we let go our control and mental divisions we will rejoin in experiencing God's Love.

Painting was rendered with watercolor pencil on paper.

See this image on the DonnaBellas Angels Website.

Purchase this art at Zazzle like this angel poster. Sale proceeds benefit DonnaBellas Angels.